Genkisoft is available on a limited basis for custom projects. We have a wide range of experience, from low-level applications to custom graphics applications.

Why choose us?
We are experts at developing applications for the Windows platform. Genkisoft strives to create best-in-class applications. Since we focus on quality at all times, we can often deliver applications faster simply because we do not overrun schedules because of defect correction.

Basically, our solutions are not only higher quality, but are delivered faster and cheaper.

Genkisoft provides excellent support. We know that putting our customers first benefits us. We will work closely with you from requirements gathering all the way through support after delivery.

Genkisoft develops at prices you can afford, but we do not entertain offers based solely on revenue royalties, nor do we create software that may compete with our partners.

Feel free to contact us at or one of our other contact options.


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